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It’s your data.
Invest it wisely.

SavvyShares is a survey panel that is owned exclusively by members, empowering you to exchange your data and opinions for shares in the company, basically you own a piece of the company. 

As you share more data and opinions you earn more shares and those shares have the opportunity to earn dividends. This structure is so unique it had to be registered and cleared through the Securities and Exchange Commission. By INVESTING your data through survey opinions and digital behavior, you have the opportunity to receive returns for as long as you hold the shares as opposed to a one-time payout like other panels. The more valuable the company becomes due to growth and profitability the bigger the opportunity to make money from dividends. It’s a win win for everyone.

Put your valuable data to work.


Join others sharing data and help build a strong community.


Your data is collected and shared through the most secure channels.


Only share the data you’re comfortable with.


By sharing data and earning shares you’re one of the owners.

You’re not just receiving shares for taking surveys.

Empower yourself with privacy, control and compensation for sharing your valuable digital data. Download our app to safely track your digital activity across all your devices. The more often you “share” your digital data the more shares you earn.

For every swipe,
or click.

Your Data. A Smart Investment.